Changing the way you see yourself and others by drawing the nude body

Drawing as a path to seeing the beauty in every single body...


"We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are" - Anais Nin


Body image drawing workshops use an easily accessible drawing and tracing practice to change attitudes about how we look and how we think we should look. Respectful, realistic imagery of the nude human body combined with the contemplative practice of drawing engage participants in a perspective-changing process that allows for re-examination of negative beliefs. Seeing, but especially drawing, a variety of body-types is a way for people to make peace with their own body during any period of their lifetime. The objective of the workshop is to allow contemplation and self-expression on an often taboo subject in order to encourage self-discovery and improve self-esteem.


This simple practice proposes a way to reconnect with the natural essence of the human being by tracing the contours of the body in it's greatest simplicity and truth. The image of the body, nude, communing with nature, with its environment, or in relationship with others brings us back to who we really are: sensitive and vulnerable beings in profound interconnection with everything around us.




The introductory workshop is a 3 hour workshop which is available to groups of 6-10 people at minimal or no cost. Participants are presented with a variety of previously transformed images of the nude human body, which they are able to draw no matter what their artistic level, by line-tracing using tracing paper or a small portable light-table. Paper, pencils and paint are supplied, and each meeting includes periods of presentation, silent work, and group sharing.


For those who wish to continue, indepth 8-week sessions are also available through collaborating associations, and informal bi-weekly practice sessions and model-drawing sessions are offered through a participating art studio.


This practice is for anyone with a human body who finds

it difficult to fit into a world obsessed with appearances


It all starts with the way you look at yourself and others.

Many of us have learned to be excessively self-critical as well as judgmental of others, but until we learn to accept our own weaknesses, we can’t access the extraordinary tenderness or the innate strength of our true natures. It is possible to meet up with your own (and others’) vulnerabilities in a safe place through imagery work; through a simple imagery practice which is open to budding artists as well as those who have never drawn and think they’ll never be able to.

Have you, or do you know someone who has suffered from constant self-criticism, compulsive eating, excessive exercise or perpetual dieting? Whether we blame it on ourselves, fashion trends or the media, it’s hard to deny that there is huge distortion in the perception of the human body that an optician’s prescription can’t fix.

Quicker than dieting, cheaper than plastic surgery, the fastest way to change the way you feel about your body exactly as it is now is to change the way you look at the human body in general, then yours.

This very basic drawing-tracing practice offers an effective and accessible form of body imagery work through the simple contemplation of the many different bodily shapes that co-exist in the world, using an approach based on compassion and non-judgment.